Fax and E-mail Integration

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A lot of us who work in offices or related environments have had at least a bit of exposure with fax machines. Except now, we at MyOwn Telco offer the service without the need of the machine.

What it is and How It Works

This is how it works. The fax machine scans a document, retrieves the information in it and sends it over the phone line to the fax machine on the other end which receives the information and prints it out in hard copy.

What about e-mail to Fax Services

They are Services that enable individuals to send faxes by means of e-mail. They work in a way very similar to the fax machine. These services allocate fax numbers to their customers, and they provide a way to send records without a fax machine.

How to use the fax feature on my account?

To send a fax over e-mail, simply create a new e-mail and:

  1. Attach a PDF file document like a Microsoft Word document or scan of a paper document that was converted to PDF to the e-mail message to be sent through any of the available e-mail platforms.
  2. Address the message destination to your own fax number, such as [email protected]
  3. Specify the recipient fax machine number, such as 5146393020 in the subject field; this is the number for the fax machine that will receive the fax.
  4. Put in the e-mail body a short paragraph that will appear on the receiver’s cover page.

E-mail faxes are less expensive and can work with different case scenarios. This is way cheaper than buying a conventional fax machine and an accompanying telephone service for it.

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