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About us

MyOwn Telco: Defining The Future Of Telecommunications

MyOwn Telco is the flagship telephony platform of SoftConseil Inc., a Canadian company with a 20-year presence in the industry.

Since its launch in 2007, MyOwn Telco has been introduced to thousands of homes and businesses across Canada, simplifying communications for residential and commercial purposes across the country, all while maintaining an active presence in global markets.

Advanced Solutions

From the outset, our focus has been on the development of a cutting-edge system that is at once efficient, user-friendly, and profitable. We have utilized our years of experience to make MyOwn Telco the most comprehensive product of its kind, whose functionality addresses the telecommunication needs of homeowners and companies of all sizes and from all industries, including the public sector.

World-Class Telephony

In addition to the Canadian market, we have created, customized and deployed dozens of telephony products for major partners in 8 countries in the Americas and 5 countries in Africa.

MyOwn Telco’s most prominent products include:

  • TSTT, Trinidad & Tobago: Management system for the island’s landlines;
  • OneSolutions, Ouganda: Customer's VoIP accounts management system;
  • SunNET Group, Barbados: Long distance VoIP network;
  • Sasktel, Canada: Datacenter construction project management;
  • Amazonia celular, Brazil: Contact center systems integration;
  • Telet, Brazil: Contact center Fax management system;

Our Priority: - You -

We are committed to helping you make the appropriate improvements, adjustments and additions to your existing system with the goal of getting you the most efficient telecommunication solution tailored to fit your individual criteria.

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